Thursday, June 17, 2010

in pursuit

I've been watching Sex In The City again and as much as I love Carrie's takes on life and sex, I can't help wondering if women of today really buy into all that stuff.

Well I was taking to another Mel the other day and she said something that was so true. You know the BIG questions guys often ask?
"What do women want?"
Its simple really. They just want to be pursued, to be “wooed and won” to be asked out.

Most of us grow up looking at movies that show us how far a man would go for a girl but when it comes to real life we get a bit disappointed cause it doesn't actually happen that way.

Speaking to the girls in my life, I realised that many of us have taken on the roles of the guy. In today's society its gutsy for the girl to make the first move, to make the plans, to call the shots. But what are all the guys doing?

Well I do admit that most of the guys I know are real gentlemen. They open doors, pull out chairs, offer to carry your stuff, give you lifts and all that jazz and I really respect you guys for that.

What I don't get, is what happens after you've 'won the girl over'?

The scene's changes. Suddenly the chase is not as fun anymore. You've won your prize and you can just relax now....

Here's when the guys stop making phone calls, and stop making plans and stops giving compliments, cause've already got her right?

It ain't that easy pal! You've still got to work to keep and preserve what you have. The persuit doesn't end! Youve gotta take the effort!

Girls don't NEED a knight in shining armour. We just WANT one. You know... just in case we get attacked in the street. heh.

Girls don't NEED a handy-man or a weight-lifter. We can handle power tools. (seriously!)

There's a lot more things that the feminist in me is bursting to let out but I think you can probably figure it out on your own right. Girls are...complicating creatures I know. But all we want is to be persued. To be paid a little attention..okay A LOT of attention.

Go have a conversation. There's tons you still don't know about your friend or girlfriend or even your fiancée or wife. Girls are a mysterious sort. We think a lot and over analyze and you might even discover this whole other person in here.

Think Wonder Woman - complete with costume and all.


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