Monday, June 13, 2011

Music Monday: Lemolo

Today I'll introduce you guys to Lemolo. They are a pop-folk duo from Seattle, Washington, United States. Lemolo consists of two very talented women - Meagan Grandall on vocals, guitar and keyboard and Kendra Cox on drums and keyboard. They are currently working on recording their first full length album which they plan on releasing in the fall of 2011.

I discovered the band via KEXP which is also coincidentally my most favourite YouTube Channel. That's probably where the bulk of my time disappears to. I spend WAAYYYY too much time on that channel.

I love the song "Letters" so check it!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

paint party

We've been pretty busy over at our home which I will fondly refer to as (BK). Can't think of an appropriate abbreviation for it just yet. Bubbly Kisses? Buns in a Knot? ahh... next time..

While I'm busy making a mess, my mom's packing for her great big European escape. She was last in London when she was in her early twenties. So now at 59, she's all excited to be going back!

My sister has also been busy, dipping her fingers in paint. She was recently commissioned to draw a mural at an office space.

Here she is hard at work

One wall almost done.

And this one's a fun mural for Miss Sheena's bedroom. :D
Psst: She's available for hire. Her work I mean. She can jazz up any space you want just buzz for details.

Monday, June 6, 2011

project weekend: pom poms & paint

I had a little break last weekend and I managed to catch up on some projects I had lying around.

I love paper pom poms so I'm gonna try and make a whole lot more for this wedding I'm planning in two weeks!

I was also really inspired by Jen Ramos of Made By Girl. I really loved her lipstick dots print and decided to make one of my own!

Only I used nail polish instead of acrylic. :D

A little bit of OPI, L'oreal and Elianto!