Monday, October 29, 2012

Music Monday: Ben Howard

I don't think I've done a Music Monday segment on Ben Howard, an English singer-songwriter but he's a good listen. Only Love is rather popular but I really like Promise. It kinda leaves you feeling light and inspired. It brings out the wanderer in me and I'd put this in my Rainy Day playlist for sure!

Now this one is kinda poetic too. This was just released and I sooo love the video.

If you like Music Monday's you might also like following this Facebook page. There's some rather interesting songs in there too. :)

Saturday, October 27, 2012


As you get older, you're supposed to get wiser...right? So I got to thinking about what I've learned over time. And taking my queue from Phil in Modern Family, I decided to write down my words of wisdom which I live by and to commemorate turning 29!


1. Talking to yourself doesn't mean you're crazy.

2. Papercuts happen. Often. So go paperless!

3. Everybody is somebody else's weirdo.

4. Always wear a spot of colour. You never know when you might need some cheer.

5. Look at pretty pictures. It helps you see the world a little differently OR it helps you stay disillusioned about the world.

6. Coffee is good. 5 cups... not so much.

7. Girls should sometimes indulge in chocolates and champagne. I said SOMETIMES.

8. Give hugs. Often. Great big squeezes which knock the wind out of people. People know when hugs are half hearted.

9. Have tech-free weekends. It helps to know you can survive if Revolution happens.

10. Sing out loud even if you don't know the song. Much laughter ensues from misheard lyrics.

11. Make mixed CD's. The emo shit playlist you created for your then boyfriend sounds just as good played 5 years later.

12. Observe people. They're easier to read than you think.

13. Always be nice. It's not a bad thing.

14. Have your 'me time' even after you're married. You need time to reconnect with yourself. And cry in private when you watch Grey's Anatomy.

15. Cultivate prayer time with your husband/wife. It's good knowing someone is praying with you and for you too.

16. Get some floor time. I often feel like a school kid when I'm hunched over a box of paints or coloured paper or a needle and thread going at some seemingly silly project. I always finish with a backache and an unexplainable sense of fulfillment.

17. Appreciate people. Thank You's and kind words go a long way.

18. Never talk down to people. That's just plain rude.

19. Take time to listen. To your parents, your kids, your colleagues, your friends, your husband/Wife, and anyone who had the courage to first speak up to you. Yes, even to your little nephew who's just asked you the same freakin' question eleven times.

20. One should always Dancewalk.

21. Junk is something you've kept for years and throw away three weeks before you need it.

22. Life exists in pauses and stillness.

23. Defensive driving means driving like everyone else is an idiot.

24. Laugh at yourself. You'll never cease to be amused.

25. Get your ass up or gravity's gonna be pulling it down.

26. Lessons on cooking: Never fry stuff in the nude.

27. Nobody cares if you can't dance well. Just get up and dance.

28. The joy of pay-day is short lived.

29. I'm not so good with numbers so maybe we stop counting so 30 never arrives.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Picture a day: Weather

The monsoon season brings torrential rain every evening just as we get ready to leave work. I loveee the rain. Getting my feet wet in the streets of KL - now that I absolutely hate.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Music Monday: Daughter

How do folk singers do it? How do they string words together that make you wanna cry, dance and be still all at once? 

Well, coming across Elena Tonra’s music made me feel just that. Her lyrics are beautiful and if you know me, I'm a sucker for folksy heart-on-the-sleeve acoustic guitar driven music so this was a happy find. Throw in some ambient soundscapes and it adds texture to what would be an otherwise ordinary (but still nice) folk song. 

I love "Youth" the best but do check out some of her other songs if you like what you hear!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Photo A Day: Dinnertime

One of my favourite pasta and pizza joint in KL offers a rather affordable dinner a hop, skip and jump away from where I work. Today my husband and I decided that we needed a treat so we indulged in our favourite - Pasta AND Pizza!

As soon as we sat down, my favourite song came on the in-house speaker. Ryan Adams version of Wonderwall was playing and that kicked off a rather delightful evening of conversation, good food and good music.


Music Monday: Stella StageCoach

I recently watched a video on Oh Joy! and came across this band called Stella Stagecoach. The band consists of two brothers - Matthew and Tim Morgan from Georgia.

Now i couldn't find the song "Everything you Say" which was the song I initially heard on the video but I came across an Acoustic version of "Stars" which Matthew Morgan performed with Jeremy Larson which is equally precious!

Now if you wanna know who Jeremy Larson is, well that's a whole other artist you HAVE to look up! He's married to one of my all-time favourite bloggers/crafter/small business owner - Elsie Flannigan who runs Red Velvet Shop and blogs at A Beautiful Mess.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Photo A Day: Something Close Up

SO I'm not really doing very well with this photo a day project. I've got pictures in my camera and in my phone but none of it has been uploaded! But I'm gonna keep on at it and backdate some of the pics when I find time.

Here's two little hidden hearts I found printed on my skirt today. Taken from this angle it sorta forms a face which is an incredible little sight when you think about it. My black and white print skirt has a 'Hidden Mickey!' 
Or in this case, a hidden TIKI

Monday, October 8, 2012

Music Monday: Milo Greene

I recently discovered Milo Greene and what a gem of a find to come across!
They're an LA based indie folk band with four lead singers none of which are named Milo.
It's pretty fresh and their harmonising is probably what's drawing me back to them. It sometimes feels like the drums and percussion are the driving force as they enter each song but that's cool too.
I love everything I've heard so far, so take a listen to this full performance on KEXP.


Thursday, October 4, 2012

Photo A Day: What You Read

I bought this book on copywriting recently and it's been helping me tons with writing for web/video. In an attempt to write as much as I read, I've been checking out video segments and trying my hand at script writing. It's a little different from the feature articles or event reviews and previews I usually write, but it's a good challenge for me creatively to visualise a storyboard as i fill it with words. 

Lately, I've been hooked on Garance Doré video segments on her blog. It's so natural and I love the way stories are told through her short clips and < 10 min interviews. I think she's heading in a pretty cool direction. :)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Photo A Day: Where you stood

She stands up at her desk,
 scanning the office,
she sees heads hunched over,
fingers furiously working at the black keys.
She hopes,
 for an epiphany of sorts to hit.