Thursday, August 30, 2012

Life List #14: Dance Dance Dance

In my attempt to cross of items from my Bucket List, I've finally enrolled in a contemporary dance class! Yes before my bones get brittle and I can barely PliƩ, or touch (or see) my toes, I figured I might as well DO THIS NOW or forever live my life vicariously through So You Think You Can Dance.

So my bestie and I looked for classes in our area and finally we found a place which was just starting their Intro to Contemporary class and we figured... PERFECT!

I haven't had any professional lessons and although gymnastics and synchro has thought me a great deal about pointing my feet and locking those knees and engaging your core, I needed to get down to basics and learn some technique.

Well it has been more than 10 years since then, so it would be scary if all I remembered from training was this:
claw of fury

Boy were we in for a treat!

It's been ten weeks and i must say that I'M ENJOYING EVERY PAINFUL MOMENT OF IT!

I think I might possibly be the oldest in the class but I'm trying not to let that slow me down but boy do i feel like a lump of turd OLD when class is done and I'm hobbling back to the car. I wonder if gravity gets stronger when you're older. Sure feels that way when I can't bounce back up or find my feet. :|

So here's a sneak peek at the first part of the routine. The video's by Auddie cause my camera went bonkers and all I recorded was the floor. 

And here's what my knees look like by the end of the night. 

Did i mention how much FUN I was having?! :D :D :D

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