Wednesday, January 2, 2013

there's nothing like the present

The new year reminds me of a chemistry set. It feels like a time we get to empty out our dirty old beakers and throw its murky contents down the drain. We get fresh jars to start a new experiment and new process over as we add substance and ingredients and elements into this bottle. We fire it up again, testing its resistance and watch as chemicals react. Solutions change colour or bubble over while some pop, crackle and snap. And all the while, we write, cause a scientist always observes and takes note of each and every action and reaction they find.

Every year, I write my promises for the year. What I hope to achieve at work, at home, with my family, in my relationships, for my physical health and for my spiritual well being. But this year, I figured, why write a whole page of promises I hardly keep. Good intentions but no follow-through. That's my problem! hmmph.

So this year, I only made one promise. I resolve to be present. Not like just simply living in the present although that's a must-do too... but simply being present. Showing up. In mind, thoughts, attitude and time. To be present in all entirety. To be there totally. Like, totally!

It's a tough promise to make cause we've all had times where we've been at a meeting at work but our minds have have travelled the seven seas, or we've gone out to meet with friends but spent most of the time hunched over our smartphone screens. What about times when someone in the family was talking to you but you couldn't tear your eyes away from the TV/Computer screen. (GUILTY!)

I think maybe being present sums up many others' resolutions for the year. Love more. Laugh more. Live more. Imagine more. Wander/Wonder more. (No one ever says work more but I'll throw it in the mix.) Work more. (Ugh, the Asian in me!)

So life... this year, I promise to just show up.

Bring it!

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