Monday, May 13, 2013

A Godly City

As I woke up this morning, I was excited to start the new week. I try not to give in to the Monday Blues and instead map out a wonderful week filled with work which I enjoy and fruitful time spent with loved ones. 

The drive to work was horrid as usual but as I drove into town, I noticed there were more cars than usual, the jam seemed bad for a Monday morning and as I passed by the beautiful Al-Bukhary Mosque, it dawned on me that it was May 13th. 

My mind began re-reading all the Facebook posts and articles I've read over the past week wondering if there was any sign of a possible unrest. What was causing this blasted jam? Was there a demonstration up ahead? I knew it was highly unlikely but one can't help but get paranoid some days. 

As I slowly drove passed the Mosque, a certain calm came over me. Talking to the Big Guy, I knew that I was safe in my own land. 

I tend to plot getaways and possible emergency scenarios in my head. Fastest way out of the office to my car, fastest route to get to my husband, fastest route home on foot etc...yes I should see someone about this paranoia. But every time I drive by a mosque, I know that if I chose to enter a mosque to seek refuge I wouldn't be turned away. Places of worship have always been called sanctuary and are known as places of refuge.

I want to believe that Malaysia has not lost its Godliness. I choose to believe in a country with Godly values, with people who practice and live out these values with righteousness.

So this May 13th, I said a special prayer for Malaysia, that no matter what nationality, creed or religion, racism will never be the cause of unrest. Racism has no place in a country with mixed marriages and people in a cacophony of colours. Race should continue being a contest of speed and not so much about a genetic stock. 

Today, I choose to forget any racial slurs thrown at me or anything racially offensive I've taken to heart. I hope my children will truly know Malaysia and not a race-based Malaysia. 

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