Wednesday, September 25, 2013

in the stillness of morning....there You are

Have you ever had an overwhelmingly glorious yet surreal moment?

A time of day when you stir into consciousness and flicker your eyes open, blinking away the sandy wisps of sleep and feel at that exact moment that God was right there with you. He brushes your hair away from your eyes, caressing your cheek. You say good morning with a wide spread grin and he says,"Good morning my love. Good morning my daughter. Good morning my treasure."

As thoughts of the day ahead start to fill your mind and the worry of work and meetings and dirty dishes and laundry and the lists you make of lists of things you have to do and should do and MUST do, they overwhelm you.

And you wish, oh you wish that you could just linger a while longer, in this quiet wakefulness of a perfect morning.

Curtains drawn yet that dim yellowy light forces you right into the reality of a new day.

You shut your eyes and just for awhile, everything ceases. Your thoughts are affectionately quiet, you experience a tremendous calm.

He says, "Be Still". And there you are.

Your heart swells and something I can only describe as Joy fills it as you emerge to greet a brand new day with renewed hope.

As a writer and editor, I am passionate about the right words, in the right format, with the right spelling and punctuation. But sometimes maybe words are not enough to describe the glorious feeling of God's face shining down on you.

It is ok fumble words. Use fragile words or angry and honest ones that sound far from perfect but yet, have to be heard and can only be heard by the One who hears your every cry and lament and prayer.

Oh He's there in the unspoken words too. On such days, you rise and rub the sleepiness from your eyes and march into the day with purpose, and He still sees an overcomer and a warrior.


xinwei said...

this is great. this is real great.

hoyden said...

:) Thanks XinWei *huggss*