Tuesday, January 4, 2011

... of food and stuff

There's nothing worse than when people start telling your boyfriend he's losing weight and looking good and then they turn to you and say, "owh you've filled out!" and then when my eyes pop at the expression "FILLED OUT" they say "owh it's a good thing! You were too skinny before." As if that would make me feel any better.


So anyway in my effort to not look so "filled out" particularly in the bottom region, (curse those fat ass genes) I've been trying to cut out all that's sugary and nice - no cookies, sweets, chocolate; no gluten - bread, pastas, crackers, rice(?); no caffeine and booze; and if possible, no processed meat.

But that basically cuts out all my staples! I wrote a food diary yesterday to see if what I was having was passable as healthy, and no it didn't look pretty...

Breakfast: Milo and Sambal Ikan Bilis pastry

Lunch : Wan Ton Noodles

Snack: Crackers with a healthy spread of Nutella

Late Dinner: Tomato based pasta with sausages

And that's considered a good day cause the only snack i had was Nutella and crackers! The previous weeks saw me gorging on cookies every hour and drinking copious ammounts of coffee. So much for self control.

Well this week... it'll be fresh vegetables and white meat. That's the plan. An awesome plan. Yesireee!

But right after i finish my teh tarik and curry puffs.

THEN, we begin!

For real.

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