Monday, January 3, 2011

why hellooo 2011!

I've met a Lilly, a Hyacinth and I've met a Dianthus. Pretty cool ladies, which makes me feel like naming your kid after a flower ain't such a bad thing. Flower named ladies used to remind me of old people with cats for some reason. That is, until i met these three.

This year, I'm hoping to meet more interesting people with interesting names and interesting jobs. That's all I wanna achieve this year I think. Well of course there are those dreams and visions. This massive puzzle called life is slowly taking shape and sometimes the pieces fit perfectly while at other times, it's like pffttt.

I've now learnt that square pegs don't fit in round holes and blue comes in all shapes and sizes. Thank you 2010 for all the awesomeness and the blehh moments.

Dancing on into 2011 ...

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