Monday, February 7, 2011


Everyone I know hates moving day. All the pre moving de-cluttering, sorting, throwing, recycling to downsize and making endless lists of "Things to Buy" and "Things to Do" before the big day is just plain axe-hous-teeing!

I've moved a total of 8 times. Well 10 if you count the two times I had to move out of my campus dorms.

Lets re-cap shall we:

BM - HB4 - BM - HB3 - Cyberia - Bangsar - Palm Spring - D'Rimba - Seksyen 6 - Puchong.

That's 10 moves in 10 years and I repeat.... it's axe-hous-teeing!!!!

Of course it's all not possible without help from some very awesome friends. And when I say awesome... I mean super-duper-amazing-type-of-califragelistic-sorta-awesome friends who help you haul all your crap in their cars and never complain when you tell them you're moving to a two flight walk-up and who never complain when you tell them the new place is one highway and two tolls away. That's how awesome my amazingly awesome friends are. I know I keep saying awesome but... THEY ARE!!!

So now here I am in my 10th home, which I share with some really loud people whom I also love very much. And I've unpacked most of my stuff and realise I need to do more of that de-cluttering cause I've just accumulated WAAYYYY too much stuff over the past 10 years and I need to let go of a lot of crap.

Hi everyone, My name is Melisa and I'm a hoarder. I have since thrown/given away 5 boxes of old junk and 3 bags of old clothes and 1 box of books, and I feel a wee bit LIBERATED. Also I feel a lil’ bit happy cause I can now close my closet nicely and I just need TWO more book shelves instead of the FIVE I initially needed to store my books. Yeay!


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