Thursday, April 21, 2011

city view

I recently moved to a window seat at The Big Corporation. No it's not a promotion or anything... they just had me move and so I did.

I get a big L-shaped table, and I inherited two file drawers and a 6-tier bookcase. Behind me are HUGE glass windows which overlook Bukit Bintang and it's got large trees leaning in so there's some shade from the harsh concrete buildings that surround me. I have the blinds pulled right up so sunshine streams into the office everyday.

It's a gorgeous sight when I just take time to lean back, coffee in hand and just gaze at the busy street below.

I've dreamed about this spot for years, and I've always looked out this window from where I was sitting across the office. I'm a happy camper these days with my new space. I don't trip over stuff as much or bang my elbows or scrape my knee, at least not since i moved. *beams*

I've got a cute window ledge where two pretty vases sit. It's empty for now... *hint hint at fiance who doesn't read my blog*.

I'll post some pictures when I have the place tidied up a bit more. I'm gonna keep it neat and clean i SWEAR! My colleagues would probrably laugh at that statement. But I just deem it organised chaos. Works for me!

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