Sunday, August 21, 2011


I've never really been a good sleeper. When I was about four or five I used to wake up in the middle of the night with panic attacks. And I'd scream and scream till my mom came and got me and put me back to bed. That happened every night till one day they figured it was asthma and maybe my panic attacks were caused by me not being able to breathe.

But the whole 'waking up in the middle of the night' thing never really went away. The panic attacks are minimal but I'm twenty-eight years old these sleepless nights are beginning to show.I have these dark rings and perpetual stoned look... should I start to panic?

"What are the things that keep you up at night?," my friends asked but I don't really know though. All I know, is when I sleep, I dream about zombies, snakes, wedding nightmares (this one deserves a whole post of its own), murder, quests, puzzles, death, giant robots and a whole bunch of other weird adventures go on in my sleep.

I know dreaming is normal, but I absolutely HATE it! I tend to wake up exhausted! And if I wake up in the middle of the night, I'd then proceed to try and decipher that stupid dream to try and make sense of it, losing another precious hour of much-needed sleep.

Sometimes I wake up literally to solve a problem be it with a design element I couldn't get right, or look for something I couldn't find earlier. I used to wake up to write some weird phrase or rhyme cause apparently I was songwriting in my sleep. Or sometimes I'd lie awake for a few hours and doze off just before my alarm rings! Yippee! 20 Minutes! That's just great!

Oy Vey! Just go back to sleep already!!

My colleagues think it's stress and my mom thinks I just need to pray before going to bed. See I have so many genius' in my life. Tell me something I DON'T already know people!

So anyhoo, back to this sleeplessness, what's a girl gotta do to get a good nights' rest?

Well Google tells me that it's normal to wake briefly during the night. Most people don't even remember waking up. But here's what I've got to do to to get back to sleep:
  • Stay Out of your head
  • Make relaxation your goal, not sleep
  • Do a quiet, non-stimulating activity
  • Postpone worrying and brainstorming
Falling asleep is easy. It's staying asleep that's hard. What I wouldn't give for a solid eight hours of non-interrupted REST.

le sigh....

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