Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Tuesday's Threes

In an attempt to be more observant, this is a Tuesday segment dedicated to the world around me. I'll be observing three things which are interesting and bringing them to life here, so you can imagine with me.

I pass you everyday as we walk to work in opposite directions. You always look so chic with the cigarette in your hand and your sunnies with your hair neatly in a band, whispy strays blowing softly framing your square jaw as you walk with a bounce. You put together gorgeous rockable outfits straight out of Polyvore or Chictopia. You are hands down the best dressed LadyBoy I have ever seen in my life.

You walk out of the big glass doors I usually check my reflection in. Smiling, you adjust the waist band of your pants and look up catching my eye in the process. Your smile is quickly replaced with an awkward sheepishness I can't quite comprehend. You speed walk away down the street. Pretty fast for a man with your physique. Looking up at the signboard of the building you just exited I realise, "Owh...whore house."

Hello girls you seem a little lost. Map in hand you glance about the bustling streets contemplating which route to take. As I approach, you look helplessly at me wondering if this person would understand despite the babel. I'm sorry I don't speak Russian but sign language and short key words work just as well. MRT? Bukit Bintang? Dear traveller you have arrived! I hope you managed to navigate your way around this crazy city and enjoy the confusion of voices and other sounds.

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