Tuesday, September 20, 2011

silently watch, listen, weep

Sometimes you watch a film that is made to break your heart and you still yell at it in surprise when it does. You swear you never want to feel ripped apart and contorted again, but you take another peek. You still seek out such films - the one that tugs at all the wrong strings.

Somehow they understand you. You relate to that broken, heart wrenching film. It leaves you exposed. Emotions laid bare and feeling unfound. A piece of you discovered but not claimed. Because no one experiences a movie in the same way.

Much like stories. You picture it, experience it, read it, somewhat, differently.

Much like music and songs. Like the one that repeats itself and you do not have the heart to turn it off for it is hauntingly beautiful.

The piece that makes you feel owh so sad, but wait, still...wait... it's beautiful.

Loop it.

Someone must have found joy when writing something so downright sad. Right?

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