Thursday, October 27, 2011


Today I celebrate my 28th year of existence.

It's been a somewhat contemplative year where life has taken almost every sombre moment and turned it around. It's not like I've been a shining rainbow on speed but it's left me much more appreciative of the people and things around me. Many a day, I wake up and I choose 'Happy'.

If I had to choose one word to sum up the year, it would be refreshing. After 27, life sped on and turned amazing. Sure there were glitches and down days and simply awful things and memories, outgrowing of things and lots of rainy days but amazing things still happened in the year of 27.

The year of 28 feels NEW.  It's like a clean slate and miles and miles of hope. Today I celebrate my last year of single-hood. It's supposed to be a milestone which I'm writing down to remember. I know it's just a number and people stop counting and stop remembering birthdays after 21 or so. But I'm honoured to be given 28. I'm thankful The Big Guy has blessed me with 28.

I'm excited about 'NEW'. From newly-wed to new house to new memories, new shoes, new places, new spaces and renewed creativity. 28, you look amazing already!


nwcx said...

I was looking for the like button.

*raises glass*
"To clean slates, and miles of hope!"


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