Thursday, July 21, 2011

Experimental Worship

Ever since attending a design and movement class in university, I've been intrigued by the effect that music has on us and our movement. This probrably falls into Futurism but I'm not doing a study on art periods but rather seeing art as a worship form.

The Futurists practiced in every medium of art, including painting, sculpture, ceramics, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, theatre, film, fashion, textiles, literature, music, architecture and even gastronomy. Now who's to say that all that could not be grounds for experimental worship?

Put a song on loop then start painting!

Sounds simple enough, but how much of it is you being led by the music and how much of it is just you commanding an artpiece? Are we led by the atmosphere or by strong emotion?

There was another class which I thoroughly enjoyed too - Rhythm and Movement. That one was particularly freeing and I learnt a lot about myself in that class. I think actors and performers use that to get warmed up and after watching "The Kings Speech" I know it helps in many other areas of life too!

I'm not very open with movements though. Flexibility isn't all there is to movement and I hold back a great deal. I'm often afraid to express. There's a lot impressed upon my heart but I hold back from expressing wide strong movements except in the confines of my home. Even then I am restricted by space.

I often dream of white wide empty space where I'm able to wildly express myself with colour and grace. Would I dance with such abandon? Would I paint? or design? Or write epic poetry? I don't quite know yet. All I feel is this unexplainable need to express in EVERY way I know.

I've grown since my days as an alpha student. And I've taken the lessons learnt in those movement classes and sort of experimented with it a little. From outward expressions of inward angst I've grown to channel these emotions positively. I write to express what spoken words fail me. I dance to express the emotions that reside within me. And sometimes I paint when I need that calm to just envelope me.

I'm a firm believer that creative gifts are God-given and we are to work on it and grow with it and make this small talent morph into something beautiful and tangible.

Above wanting these gifts to grow, I hope I'll find my wide empty space where all these become possible. A place where talent meets media meets medium. I'm no singer, songwriter, artist and neither am I a fully-published writer so I'm sure I'll still fall short, and I'm sure that there are those who can do a whole lot better and there are those who would mock my feeble attempts at 'art'.

But here's where I'll need to rise above the fear and take charge of that Dream. Actualise the desire to just go out and full-on worship my God.

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