Monday, July 18, 2011

The nudge


Every so often as i sit at my desk at work, reading news reports and mommy blogs, or writing a piece for our website, i feel like i'm being nudged. Sometimes it's a wave of dizziness like the kind felt during tremors or small earthquakes and sometimes it's as if someone's just walked past me and bumped into my chair, while at other times it's like some force of unfelt and unheard wind has just knocked into me.

I look up from my notebook screen and it takes a while for my eyes to adjust and see things clearly. And then i look around the office to see if anyone else felt that too.

Was anyone else rudely shaken out of their routine work of designing, editing or writing. Did anyone else have their daytime reverie interrupted by unseen forces.

Of course it's most-likely my imagination. My blood sugar probably dropped hence the light-headedness. Or maybe my chair has gotten a little rickkety.

Well recently when 'the nudge' happened, I looked up and I saw this poster I have on my cubicle wall. It's a print from workisnotajob and it simply says one word - Dream.

Now "Dream" is a word that brings all kinds of meaning to me. Seeing it pinned up big and bold jolted me out of my reverie more than 'the nudge' did. I had almost forgotten all about it.


The stuff which maketh the future.

Ok not exactly but you know what I mean. Dreams are that which kinda help you along the way. It gives you a picture and encourages you to fill in the details and write the story to.

“Dreams are illustrations... from the book your soul is writing about you.” - Marsha Norman

Have you come to a place where Dreams have become inevitable. It's like a snowball effect of dreams where one takes shape into another and then another. And what started out as this miniscule idea just morphes into this project of giant proportions.


Sometimes I don't think we do enough of it. Sometimes I think 'the nudge' was a dream tugging at my heartstrings. Willing me to get up and get going. Chase that which seems unatainable right now. Pursue that which I know I can do.

And so... I dream and I continue to write that which my dreams have placed upon my heart.

And after I've given my all, I know there'll still more room for dreams.

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