Monday, October 25, 2010

Find a Centre

This came as a pleasant surprise in my mail box this morning. A connection made - God sent for sure.

"Being spread thin is something that seems to happen more and more in the rush of daily life, running around getting things done for other people, all the little things that eat away at your time. And the big loss is not that of time, but of attention - the presence of the self to observe, experience and be aware of life. I think you must choose what is important."

Find a center.
A quiet space
A hidey-hole
behind closed doors where the outside world rages

and to look at it madly boiling away
blink of an eternity
with a mildly inquiring eye,
and watch,

that while
the world is the world is the world is all you ever have
you cannot own it or control it
wrap it or ride it
without first looking outside, and looking within,
finding the sweet strange splitsecond spot
in the center of the whirlwind.

Don't lose yourself.

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