Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Tuesday's Threes

In an attempt to be more observant, I'm starting a new Tuesday segment dedicated to the world around me. I'll be observing three things which are interesting and bringing them to life here, so you can imagine with me.


As i drive to work along the MEX expressway, I arrive at a bend which always takes my breath away. It's my first glimpse of the KL Cityscape set before cool blue skies and cotton candy clouds. At one particular spot, KL Tower lines up with Times Square and KLCC and sometimes it’s these little architectural marvels that get me excited about working in the big city.


Chivalry is not dead in this big City. Today I saw a young man offer his brolly to two of his female colleagues while he walked ahead in the pelting rain towards his office (I assume) in Bukit Bintang.


It's funny what you overhear in the streets if only you will yourself to stop and listen. A girl in an incredibly short skirt wonders aloud, "What's the difference between pink and neon pink and what's fuchsia?" to which her Goth friend responds, "Who cares... they're all colours I will not ever wear."

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